Styling with cushions

We absolutely love having a play with cushions and our range gives you the option to style your bedroom too. When we go out to markets, we often get asked for tips on how to use the cushions well. Some even give us a description of their homes, couches and bedrooms and we help them mix and match a few different cushion styles to suit their home.

Here are a few examples of how our customers have displayed their cushions in their home.

This shopper has a character-rich home with a wooden theme and a gorgeous open fireplace. We recommended she give our jute cushions a try and she fell in love with them.

This creative mother has used the multi-colour felt ribbed cushion to decorate her daughter’s cot. How happy does she look leaning against it 🙂 !

See how this customer has used an existing cushion, with a burst of pink and purple, alongside our multi-colour ribbed felt cushion.

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